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Jonelle Noelani Yacapin
Certified Sommelier and Flatiron School Software Engineering Grad
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I began a new project just as I’ve always done. Created a new directory locally with basic HTML and JavaScript files. Then, went to GitHub to create a new repo. Yadda yadda yadda…

I coded the rest of the day away and pushed it all to GitHub.

The next day, I looked at the heat map on my GitHub profile and noticed none of my work was showing up. No green. I checked the repo and it’s all there, thank goodness. It’s all on the ‘master’ branch, like usual, but the default branch is ‘main’. …

Magento — An Adobe Company

I’ve been looking for a Front-end Developer position with my arsenal of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React but have been seeing other technologies pop up (of course, there’s so much out there). Magento is one of them.

In a couple of these job listings they go so far as to further label the position as a “Magento Developer”. They also ask for 2+ years of experience with Magento 1 and 2 and would prefer that the candidate had certification as well.

From the job listings, I gather that Magento is usually associated with “eCommerce sites with separate ERPs”. …

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I’ll admit that in my crash course on programming I jumped right into using Ruby on Rails as an API with the handy command line shorthand:

rails new my_api — api

I coded away without giving too much thought on what an API is or how it works on a high level. In fact, I went on to code a couple more projects with API’s and couldn’t always remember what the initials of API even meant. …

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In the previous blog, I discussed the terminology and concepts on the Domain Name Provider side of things.

The important thing to remember is that the Domain Name Provider doesn’t necessarily need to be the Hosting Provider. You do have flexibility in which company you register your domain with as well as which company will host it.

The order loosely follows the flow of how I came across them in my research.
Hosting Provider
Web Server/Server
Locally Hosted
Local Host/localhost
Shared Server
Virtual Private Server (VPS/Private Server)
Dedicated Server
Cloud Hosting
Bandwidth/Traffic/Data Transfer
SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer)
Wildcard SSL
Email @ Your Domain
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
SQL Database

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A while back I attempted the research before making the plunge and claiming my piece of the internet with a domain name. It was a bit more complicated than I thought it would be because I didn’t understand the words, abbreviations and concepts being thrown around. Join me on this journey as I attempt to un-complicate the internet!

The order loosely follows the flow of how I came across them in my research.

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While doing the daily job-hunting I came across a listing seeking a Software Engineer with an emphasis on “internationalization.”

So, I read on and found it’s a company, of which, I’ve used their product before in a project and was quite happy with the outcome.

They were seeking an engineer to “work closely with our localization teams to understand and improve our existing internationalization tooling and processes.”

I honestly didn’t really understand what this meant or how the teams are structured.

From context, it seemed that in order to become a better international company they needed to overcome the language…


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Towards the beginning of my recent job search I spoke with a colleague who had just landed an amazing internship about his process leading up to that opportunity. We both learned React and he was in the process of familiarizing himself with another framework in preparation for his new internship. I had only done a couple projects in React and was explaining my challenges in trying to organize all of my components from the beginning so I can build apps more fluidly.

I would draft up a component tree when I began but then I would add more and more…

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Table of Contents
What is an SSH key?
What is an RSA key fingerprint?
Matching The RSA Keys
GitHub’s SSH Key Fingerprints
Checking For Existing SSH Keys
Generate New SSH Key
Adding SSH Key To GitHub Account
Testing The SSH Connection
Please Stop Asking Me For A Passphrase
Resolving The Final Warning

Before I purchased a MacBook to attend Flatiron School, I was learning to code on my good ol’ Windows laptop with Android Studio, Visual Studio Code and Git Bash. Bootcamp is over and I’ve been moving away from constantly being on the MacBook. …


Awhile back in my CSS Zen Garden experiment, I discovered the effortless magic of the CSS float property. It allowed me to put a block of text in the upper left corner so that it appeared nested as the main body sort of wrapped around it on the right and along the bottom.

Body wrapping around floated summary text

In the header, floats also allowed me to put one image along the left side and another image along the right. This eliminated the need to deal with left and right margins and padding.


In preparation for a JavaScript project I was shown the amazing world of Google Web Fonts!

Google Fonts

I love typography!

I spent some time exploring before I narrowed down my options. But, when it came time to implement it in the CSS file things didn’t go as smoothly.

Maybe I picked one of the few typefaces that just wasn’t going to work in this scenario. Maybe I’m missing something.

Since this was all new to me at the time and I was under a time crunch to reach a deadline, I decided to just stick with Apple Chancery and Georgia and…

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